Facebook Ditches The Thumbs Up Button

Facebook Ditches The Thumbs Up Button

First introduced in 2010, the iconic Facebook “like” button has graced web pages around the world, reaching over 22 billion views per day across 7.5 million websites. We’ve all grown accustom to the familiar look of the light, bluish “thumbs up” button, one of the most recognizeable icons out there.

And it’s coming to an end.

For posterity, here it is, one last time:

Here is the old Facebook "Like" Button

Facebook has announced that they will be ditching the old button for a new look, a modern icon that drops the hand and showcases the look and feel of Facebook in a more visually appealing way.

This has been the first redesign in two years. Both the Like and Share buttons will be getting the new treatment. Have a look:

...And the new look of the Facebook "Like" button

The central theme of the new Facebook button design is consistency; not just in looks, but in the way it is embedded across sites. The old buttons came in sizes from 18 to 22 pixels tall. The new spacing for web designers will be an exact 20×48 pixels, creating a standard size for developers.

Quite possibly the most bold change is the choice of color. Blue was an obvious choice, but it is still a drastic change from the light, muted color of the old button.

Do you think they made the right move, or is the old button better?

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