Using The New SEO To Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales

Using The New SEO To Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales

There’s a lot of argument going on between those who say that Santa (in the persona of Google) is bringing about the very end of SEO and those who claim we should all just carry on like always.

SEO is increasingly about customer experience, audience experience and being a cool player in the whole game that the economy has become. Even if what you offer is totally vital for life and well-being, you want a reliable, perhaps hip and dependable voice relaying your message.

The holiday season may just be when more people are there to hear your message or it may be the most important time of the entire year for sales, customer outreach and building for the repeat sales that will last all next year.

More than ever before, retailers are learning from service centered industries that it’s the experience of any customer that will bring them back and make them happy to refer other customers at the same time. The new SEO has been a long time in coming, but it’s smarter and more customer-friendly than ever too.

If you already got your pre-holiday inventory in and you’re ready for the sales to come rolling in, this is not the time to rest on your laurels. Companies across the country are preparing for a holiday season that will top the past two lackluster years. There are no good reason why your online efforts shouldn’t match in-store numbers. Online sales are predicted to match or top those that take place in brick-and-mortar establishments.

Even better, retailers have gotten much more savvy about using the internet to get shoppers into the physical store either after visiting a website or a solid mobile app.

Go Social

Your social media outreach starts now and it should continue straight through the New Year. There’s not a lot you can do with SEO if you’re not going to be a fun, interactive and engaging player on social media. Showcasing your products won’t do you the slightest bit of good if you’re not also interested in your customers.

Your offers may sound good, but if you’re not actively sharing and commenting on the posts and pages of your customers, good luck driving interest.

Building up interest can take some time and so you should plan your campaigns well in advance (like starting now). But mix them up so that not a single day will pass without at least some good offer being posted. You also should be celebrating your neighbors and customers wherever possible. If your neighbors and customers interests are non-commercial, well, so much the better. This is especially important in social media where posting ads or sales messages is already difficult if not outright discouraged.

Start Posting

Your business blog should be already preparing people for the onslaught of holiday related messages. You know how to do it better than anyone else, so lend a hand. The holidays can be stressful, harrowing and overwhelming. Positioning your business as the calm in the center of the storm pays off later in all kinds of ways. Plenty of information, starting now, not only on what you’re selling, but on who you are selling to, and on the holiday plans of your customers, friends and employees can’t hurt either.

All the advice in the world needs to find it’s way onto your blog and keep showing up there regularly over the next 7 weeks. Timely delivery of information is always welcome, but so is the history, best use and best service advice on everything you’re selling. Doing this will also give you plenty of content to share on social media.

Focus On Conversion

Make sure you double check the sidebar of your blog. See where customers clicking through are going to land and make sure that they’re landing page experience is optimized for ease of use and understanding. Remember, optimize for customer experience, not for keywords or anything else. Be sure that your customers get a big dose of your company personality and values and not just the prices.

If you really are, as a company, supporting or promoting a charity or similar organization, don’t keep it in the dark. Your customers will appreciate you that much more.

Hit The Presses

A press release is an absolute necessity if you’re going that route, and don’t hesitate to get them done now, early so that as events, toy drives and dinners come to fruition, the publicity aspect is already covered. All of these things go to the new SEO and the experience of your online audience.

Make sure customers and the public know who you are and where you are. Make sure they know what your interests are and with whom you’re working. It may seem like a lot for you to remember, but the real point is, it’s a pleasure for your customer to remember it, too.

James Tomon wrote this article because he is tired of people saying the “SEO Is Dead” right around the holidays. He knows it isn’t, because he stays informed with help from sites like Nett Solutions, Search Engine Land and SEOmoz. Find James on Google+.

Editorial Staff at Tech River is a team of tech lovers and social media experts who love to share their knowledge with the world. This post has been contributed by a guest author. If you would like to write for us please see our Guest Post Guidelines.

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