Google+ Comments Are Now A Part Of YouTube

Google+ Comments Are Now A Part Of YouTube

If you have logged into your YouTube account lately you may have noticed the change to the way comments happen on the site. You’re now required to have either a Google+ account or YouTube channel, and the comments happen just like on Google+. The announcement recently came from YouTube’s official blog.

The new system tries to better personalize the experience on YouTube by integrating Google+ commenting and highlighting the comments of people you are connected to. They have also added better moderation features that make it easier to rid your screen of unwanted comments.

Signing up for Google services automatically enrolls you as a Google+ user. The choices come down to using your real name or creating a channel. This can be confusing for some because the old commenting system allowed you to create an account, something used simply for commenting on YouTube.

The old way also allowed for a greater level of anonymity. While you can still keep your privacy by opting for a YouTube “channel”, the whole process is a little more cumbersome.

This is an obvious move on Google’s part to drive users towards Google+ to boost engagement on the network. Google+ has been improving dramatically. They recently boasted a 58% increase in users not too long ago.

The new change has also inspired a backlash among users, including the co-founder of YouTube, who after an 8 year hiatus from the site logged back in to voice his thoughts.

YouTube co-founder angered over move to Google+ comments

So, it’s apparent that many people are not pleased. The new changes will no doubt push more people into using Google+, but more out of necessity, rather than a desire to. The Google+ fans will have a reason to rejoice though.

What are your thoughts on the new changes?

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